Utilizing the Latest in Security Technology

Security Watch Inc. has worked tirelessly to stay ahead of the curve. What we mean is, we have always worked with the best-proven security technologies. After all, the opposite side is always upgrading their tech, and we need to be ahead of them. With an increase in demand for security solutions, technology is making it easier to provide the best possible protection.

At Security Watch Inc. we provide our security personnel with state of the art equipment to perform their duties. We pair our modernized operations with software to monitor and record detailed and accurate information, which allows us to receive notification alerts in real-time as well as useful log data.
The two most important technologies we utilize are the Deggy System and GuardTek Patrol software.

The Deggy System

The reason why we use the Deggy System is simple; it is the best guard system in the industry today! We have acquired and completely integrated the Deggy Guard System with our system, which ensures that our security personnel has the best security solution at their disposal.

Our Deggy Control Software is compatible with all the products we offer. You can gain access to different features and apps, as well as network capabilities, at no extra cost. You won’t get this when you shop from our competitors.

Features of the Deggy System:

  • Manage an unlimited number of sites with network access capability
  • No third party software developers
  • Advanced Tour Reports & Graphs
  • Automatically scheduled report emails
  • Incident & Graph Reports
  • Multiple User Access

The GuardTek Patrol Software

Specially designed to be patrolling software for security personnel, GuardTek allows Security Watch Inc. guards the perfect solution for touring and activity reporting. Utilizing the latest in security technologies, GuardTek allows us to give real-time data and tags on patrol routes directly to the central system.
With strategic site locations having checkpoints to tag in real time, we receive real-time accurate patrol tags, which provides a peace of mind not just for us, but for our clients who know their valuable assets are safe in the best possible way.

Features of the GuardTek Patrol Software include:

  • Event and Activity Reporting
  • Lone Worker Protection
  • Time and Attendance Tracking
  • Geolocation and Officer Dispatch

In the case of an incident, the GuardTek Patrol Software allows immediate notifications of the event. Utilizing both text and multimedia our security personnel or the local law enforcement is informed of any unwanted behavior within seconds. For evidence purposes, our personnel can use GuardTek to add photos for any future references or reports. An online history is maintained automatically, removing the hassle of paper reports.