The Ever Growing Need for Security

Security Watch Inc. Services understands that for your business to succeed in today's fast paced world, you have to be able to adapt quickly to whatever situations arise. We also understand that in order to give you the best service possible we have to be able to adapt quickly to meet your changing needs. Whether its patrol, investigation, crowd control, or central station surveillance, Security Watch Inc. proactive management approach and highly skilled personnel are flexible and dedicated to meeting your needs in the most effective and cost efficient manner.

Unmatched Security

Each of our security officers represents not only a member of our highly trained personnel but is a representation of our extensive organization and services. Behind each security officer is a field office with a district manager, account manager, and an operations manager, as well as roving field supervisors. And to provide further assurance that all your security needs are being met, each district office has a human resources department that recruits, hires, and trains personnel to meet your specific needs.



Security Watch's armed officers are friendly and respectful yet attentive and watchful for security concerns. Each of our armed security guards is licensed to carry a firearm, properly trained, and has passed our rigorous background checks and comprehensive application process.


Security Watch's unarmed officers provide excellent security services, tailor-made to fit your specific security needs. Our rigorous application process, thorough background checks, and intensive training ensure that all of our personnel are well qualified, professional, supportive and dependable.

Loss Prevention

Security Watch's Loss Prevention Agents are a highly skilled plain clothed team that are trained to work in retail environments in a manner that enhances safety for the employer, employees, and customers, but does not interfere with business. Our Loss Prevention agents work efficiently to keep your retail environment secure from theft, while acting in a manner that is discrete and respectful.


The simple presence of Security Watch’s Patrol Units is a valuable deterrent to crime. Our highly visible uniformed officers and their patrol cars or bicycles can cover a wide area and respond quickly to different locations. Our security officers conduct frequent checks of the interior and exterior of your buildings, parking lots, and perimeter areas, as well as conducting detailed inspections of exterior doors and accessible windows. Simply knowing that Security Watch Patrol Units are in the area allows you and members of your organization to feel secure.

Maritime Security

Security Services are experienced and dedicated to meeting your varied Maritime security needs. Our officers have the necessary training to provide you with port and cargo security as well as handling any and all issues related to stowaways, immigration, and deportation. In the event that any member of your ships' crew should fall ill, Security Watch officers are prepared to escort that individual from the ship, to the hospital, and accompany them during their stay in the health facility.

High Rise Security

The Security Watch team provides your High Rise facility with the comprehensive services necessary to keep your business secure. Security Watch tailors our patrol and inspection services to meet the specific needs of your business and facility, and provides a host of other services necessary for High Rise security, including, reception/concierge services, video and audio surveillance, lock and key services, parking coordination, transportation services, and mailroom or messenger services.


The Security Watch team is able to perform complex corporate investigations and undercover investigations. Our security consultants and forensic psychology experts are able to provide you with practical solutions to employee theft and dishonesty, drug and substance abuse, sexual harassment, and a variety of other workplace and employee related issues.
The Security Watch team is also able to perform undercover investigations with a Screened Private Investigator. Our skilled P.I. investigator can pose as an employee and gather information on workplace problems so we are able to prepare a detailed report and assist you by outlining and implementing the appropriate steps to address your concerns and prevent future problems.

Personal Selection

Application Process

Security excellence means top quality people, quality training and close supervision. Excellence also means a wide variety of additional services.


In addition to passing our detailed application process each Security Officer must pass our pre-employment screening program, which includes:


Because of our dedication to providing you with excellent customer service, Security Watch utilizes one of the most comprehensive training programs in the industry.

Initial Training

After passing Security Watch rigorous application and screening process, each new security officer must complete our extensive training program.  This program begins with instruction on the fundamentals of security, including the powers of arrest, fire prevention, first aid and interpersonal relationships.

Specialized Training

Regardless of experience, each security officer receives a minimum of four to eight hours of specialized training on his or her new post before reporting to it. Supervisors review special instructions and topics with each security officer and record training results.

We fully document all training in each security officer's record and keep those records readily available for inspection.

Ongoing Training

Security Watch knows that effective training and development is an ongoing process and one of the methods we use to keep our security personnel knowledgeable about the ever changing world of security is our Excellence in Service program which delivers company and client related topics to our officers through video, discussion guides, payroll check inserts and posters.

Management and Supervisions

Field Management

We recognizes that a key component of effective management is interacting directly with clientele and security officers; that's why our management team is dedicated to personal interaction.  We also know that personal interaction is as necessary before 8 a.m. and after 5 p.m. as it is during regular business hours, so our team works varied schedules to ensure 24 hours of quality coverage.

Supplemental Staffing

We have structured its recruiting and hiring process so if an emergency occurs, we can use our existing personnel and outsourcing processes to supply you with qualified alternative officers.

24-Hour Management Contact

You can reach our local management team 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also ensure that you are constantly able to connect with our regional and national managements teams by having a 24-hour customer service line to meet your needs.

Personal Representative

We know that each security situation is unique, that's why we assign you your own representative who will focus on your specific concerns to ensure that you receive the highest quality service.   If you need additional services, or if you have questions about billing, statistics, or any other issue, your representative will help you get that information as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Special Orders

To ensure that we are meeting your specific security needs, we prepare Special Orders, or detailed descriptions of each your security officer's responsibilities.  We update these orders at least every six months and submit them for your personal approval. 


Field managers conduct frequent and unannounced inspections at all hours.  We especially emphasize unannounced night inspections.

Disciplinary Report

All employees understand that they are required to abide by general orders, regulations, and instructions.  If any security officer violates any of his or her orders, we require their field inspector to prepare a Disciplinary Report and we discipline the security officer based on the disciplinary action recommended by their supervisor or field manager. 

Client Concerns

If at any point you have any questions or concerns regarding any aspect of our service, the manager in charge will visit you to discuss your concerns and submit a detailed report, about how to properly address your concerns, to our Branch office within 24 hours.